Game of Thrones: S8E05 Reactions

    1. Like everyone else, I have very high hopes for this episode. Last week’s was more than a little dull, and while I’ve been patient with this season, this is the where the writers really need to bring out the big guns.
    2. And the penultimate episode has gained a reputation for being a nail-biter, so this one will surely not disappoint, right??
    3. Opening shot with Varys writing a letter announcing who Jon really is. I’m really impressed by his even-keeled clarity about the situation (unlike certain other people *cough* Tyrion cough*)
    4. We learn that Daenerys hasn’t been eating. Fair enough I suppose, she did just watch her best/only friend get beheaded.
    5. Jon’s now rolling into wherever they are (I’ve always been horrible with the geography of this show), and Varys is continuing to plead Daenerys is a cray — to no avail sadly.
    6. “We both know what she’s about to do”. “That’s her decision to make, she’s our queen”. Jon is, and has always been, an idiot.
    7. Seriously Tyrion?? Whyyy are you snitching on Varys? Your time together on the boat clearly meant nothing to you.
    8. For all her hotheadedness, Daenerys is pretty astute about how the truth about Jon got out, being able to trace back the entire chain of blabbers.
    9. Varys taking off his rings as he waits for the guards to get him feels very sad and poignant.
    10. Oh jesus that dragon popping out from behind Daenerys is frightening.

      Image result for got s8e05 cersei the hound
      Seriously, the stuff of nightmares
    11. This reminds me of when Ned Stark said “the one who gives the sentence must wield the sword” or whatever the wording was. Seems like Dany is kind of copping out on that by always getting her dragons to do her dirty work.
    12. Cut to a private conversation between Jon and Dany. Jon doesn’t seem as apologetic as he should be by the fact that Sansa told Tyrion The Secret.
    13. Daenerys, are you really asking “Is that all I am to you? Your queen?”?!?!
    14. Never has someone saying “Alright then” sounded so ominous. Sleep with one eye open Jon.
    15. Tyrion is once again trying to convince Daenerys not to obliterate everyone. I feel like if this is a regular conversation you find yourself having with your queen, it may be time to reevaluate the team you’re supporting.
    16. While I appreciate his unwavering faith that Cersei will surrender, his judgment has been woefully off lately.
    17. “The next time you fail me will be the last time you fail me”. I mean honestly, fair enough – Tyrion hasn’t exactly been the Adviser of the Year.
    18. Uh oh, we learn that Jaime was captured trying to get to Cersei (but surprisingly, not killed??).
    19. Aw and now Tyrion is going to rescue his big bro.
    20. “Cersei once called me the stupidest Lannister” LOL.
    21. Jaime casually saying he never cared for the people, “innocent or otherwise” is such a throwback to his cocky season 1 self.
    22. Jaime makes a good point about why Cersei’s odds aren’t quite as bad as Tyrion thinks they are – Daenerys’ army is depleted, two fewer dragons. I feel it’s anyone’s game really.
    23. Aww I’m really touched that Tyrion has set out a whole plan for Jaime and Cersei to escape. That’d be a nice little happy ending wouldn’t it? Just two twins, banging each other in bliss on a remote island, away from pesky judgmental eyes.
    24. “If it wasn’t for you, I’d never have survived my childhood… you were the only one who didn’t treat me like a monster.” Must…not … cry. This is a lovely scene between the two, it really is.
    25. Alright, it’s the D-Day of Westeros. Preparations are in full force, while ordinary folks are scooching inside for safety.
    26. Arya and the Hound are inexplicably just strolling around among the King’s Landing folks…. okay then. I will let this slide.
    27. As is Jaime, looking suuuper sketchy in his hood.
    28. I don’t know why this goofy looking guy has been chosen to lead the Lannister army.

      Image result for got s8e05 daenerys
      I truly feel safer already
    29. Yasss and there’s the Queen herself strutting up to the window, so full of hope and optimism.
    30. Oh dear, the Red Keep has reached full capacity, leaving all these poor folks stuck outside right as they were about to get in. Sigh, I can relate, having been blocked from entry during one dramatic New Year’s Eve event. Bastards.
    31. The slight breeze indicating Daenery’s dragon arrival is pretty cool.
    32. Though how these guys cannot get one good arrow shot at her is infuriating. Even for a show about dragons, this seems a tad unrealistic.
    33. Man those are some powerful flames.
    34. The scene of the fire blowing down the door and burning all the soldiers is quite gorgeous (is that weird to say?).
    35. Cersei is looking a tad less optimistic as she watches the dragon incinerate everything. Man I’m excited for a showdown between her and Daenerys.
    36. I appreciate her faith in her army’s willingness to fight for her.
    37. Greyworm is looking especially murderous these days.
    38. Cersei’s army is seems shifty and nervous. I’m not quite sure they’re going to fight the way she anticipated.
    39. Annddd they’ve dropped their swords.
    40. Daenerys is still perched on her dragon. Gah the suspense is quite good as people beg for the bells to be rung.
    41. Phew there go the bells!
    42. Uh oh that dragon is still roaring away. Ooo wouldn’t it be amazing if Daenerys went full on crazy and just torched everyone? I kind of want her to, I hate her and need everyone else to as well.
    43. There she goes flying. I would love it if she just swooped into Cersei’s room for an epic throwdown.
    44. AHHH FIRE. She actually did it!!!!

      Related image
      What was I supposed to do if the bells rang? Hmm can’t remember. Ah well, back to lighting shit up
    45. The Lannister army is probably like, SERIOUSLY?!
    46. Jesus Greyworm wtf.
    47. Now it’s an all out shitshow with Jon not believing what he’s seeing (though I have no sympathy for this dummy).
    48. I hope we’re not going to have too many slow-mo shots of Jon looking shocked and breathing heavily. We get it, you’re surprised.

      Image result for got s8e05
      Man if only someone had warned me
    49. Do Euron and Jaime not realize how unnecessary it is to fight right now? There are slightly bigger fish to fry in King’s Landing right now.
    50. Qyburn trying to get Cersei out of the Red Keep is weirdly sweet. I enjoy his loyalty to her– one of the few times there hasn’t been any romantic interest between two aligned characters.
    51. Yess Jaime, kill that creepy Euron (though I don’t know why we’re still wasting time on this fight).
    52. Back to Arya and the Hound, in that map room. I remember when that floor map was being done – such a simpler time.
    53. Now Cersei is being whisked away down the stairs by her army when lo and behold, the Hound arrives.
    54. Oh man, the Mountain didn’t need to do Qyburn like that.
    55. LOLOL to Cersei just being like, this seems like a family matter, I’ll give you guys some privacy.
    56. Aww the scene with Jaime and Cersei finding each other is quite sweet (yes yes, I know they’ve done terrible things, blah blah).
    57. Back to the Clegane brothers duking it out.
    58. The Mountain 2.0 is not as scary looking as I pictured. He kind of looks like an angry fat kid.
    59. Wait a minute… you’re telling me that in a measly six-episode season, where the first four have already been a disappointment and time is now exceedingly precious, we are wasting time on a fight between THE HOUND AND THE MOUNTAIN?! A tier-4 plotline at best?! Like, their rivalry is of no interest to me, nor has it really been a part of the show overall, besides passing references. It baffles me why they’re getting such prime airtime in this episode. Gah.
Image result for got s8e05
Gorgeous scene, poor use of screen time
  1. On a similar note, there’s a lot of Arya just stumbling around and seeing destruction. I feel like one scene would have sufficed. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.
  2. Though I do get nervous watching her on the ground like that. Eek get up!
  3. Oh good more Clegane fighting -_-
  4. I’m bored.
  5. Ew the Mountain is pulling his gross eye blood move a la Prince Oberyn.
  6. Well there go the brothers.
  7. More fires being lit up by Daenerys, more Jon staring in disbelief.

    Image result for got s8e05 fire
    For those who missed the episode, it was 45 minutes of this
  8. The word ‘repetitive’ is coming to mind.
  9. Could Jon not send some kind of signal to Dany to maybe press pause on the killing for a bit?
  10. Arya’s coughing through all the dust feels incredibly real. I feel like I need a glass of water myself.
  11. More Arya running.
  12. Yay Jaime and Cersei have made it to that dungeon place!
  13. Oh my god. Seeing it literally stonewalled made my heart sink.
  14. For maybe the first time, we see Cersei totally break down as she begs not to die.
  15. I really love Jaime’s response – “Nothing else matters, only us”. He didn’t try to convince her they won’t die; they both know what’s coming and went peacefully together, without fighting it.
  16. Cut to a pretty beautiful shot of Arya standing among floating dust, fire and wreckage. Image result for got s8e05
  17. And a … horse?
  18. Ugh but this shot really is stunning.
  19. Maybe a little overly long if I’m being honest.
  20. Off she gallops!
  21. Wait what? That’s it????
  22. -_-

Final thoughts:

  1. Ummm that was disappointing.
  2. By my calculation, that were FORTY-FIVE MINUTES of ‘battle’ from the time the bells rang, which is way too long given that not a whole really happened. The fights between the Clegane brothers and Euron/Jaime were unnecessary, and all the shots with Arya and Jon were overkill.
  3. Had all that been cut out, the writers could have fit much more substance into the episode and fleshed out issues more thoroughly. It really dragged and was repetitive. Just an hour of nothing really, besides the obvious twist that Dany is crazy – and even that was overly drawn out. Sure the cinematography was amazing, but who cares when the plot barely advances?
  4. I was hoping for a much more exciting showdown between Cersei and Daenerys. It’s a bummer that they never met; the whole thing felt anticlimactic.
  5. And for such an iconic character, there was a disappointing lack of Cersei this season. Her character deserved better.
  6. I do like that Jaime and Cersei died together though.
  7. I have no idea how they’ll wrap up the whole show in a satisfying way with one episode left.
  8. Prediction: I think Dany will ultimately take the throne and set off another cycle of events similar to when her father ruled. But honestly, there have been so many twists that it’s hard to predict with any certainty. It’s also conceivable to me that Arya will take the throne (and rightfully so imo).
  9. Side note: dear god I wish I was a GOT writer this season. They barely had to write anything.

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