Game of Thrones: S8E6 Reactions

  1. Sigh this season has been a horrendous letdown. There’s really no way they can wrap this up in a satisfying way, but hopefully they can salvage some of the storylines.
  2. We start with a casual stroll among the death and destruction caused by Daenerys. All these idiots look so shocked but honestly — you were warned!! You saw how irrational and ruthless Daenerys was. Ugh, honestly, men.
  3. Is that … snow? I’m confused. I first thought it was ash in the previous episode but it’s really coming down. And looks like it’s coming from the sky. Weird. (*It has been confirmed through subsequent research (ie Buzzfeed) that it was indeed ash. But I mean, really, it seemed like a tad too much. Though I’m not sure what is realistic when an entire city is torched, so maybe that’s the right amount?)
  4. Ooo where’s Tyrion off to?? Perhaps off to kill Daenerys??
  5. Hmm Tyrion walking past the bells got me thinking… who actually rang the bells? Jaime? It’s neither here nor there really, but I’m curious.
  6. Vigilante Grey Worm is still at it and killing the last remaining Lannister peeps.
  7. Hmm where is Tyrion going??
  8. Ooo I get it. Oh dear, this scene will be hard to watch.
  9. There’s still a tiny part of me that is hoping Cersei and Jaime made it out.
  10. Oh. That golden hand is pretty definitive.
  11. Ahh poor Tyrion 😦 This scene is quite sad.
  12. Alright moving on to Jon broodily walking through Daenerys’ army.
  13. How did Grey Worm get there before Jon did??
  14. Heeere’s Dany!
  15. DAMN that shot with the dragon wings behind her is incredible.

    Image result for game of thrones series finale wings
    Very Maleficent of her
  16. She has become quite a good speaker over the years.
  17. It is WILD that she still sees herself as some kind of liberator.
  18. As Dany goes on about all the other places she wants to liberate, it occurs to me that I don’t understand the GOT world geography at all. Was Westeros not all there was? What are these other places?
  19. Finally Tyrion is stepping up! I feel like he will be burned on the spot for throwing that pin down.
  20. Hmm surprisingly not. Just taken prisoner.
  21. This episode isn’t bad so far. Maybe it will end on a decent note. (spoiler alert: I was wrong)
  22. Jon is now visiting Tyrion. Now that Tyrion has finally seen the light, maybe he can help Jon see it too.
  23. Or not, because Jon seems to think the war is over.
  24. Why is he saying Cersei left Dany no choice and that Dany just saw her friend beheaded?!
  25. I feel like we’re all really dancing around the fact that Daenerys burned the city AFTER THEY SURRENDERED.
  26. But maybe Tyrion is getting through to Jon finally.
  27. “That’s her decision. She’s the queen”. Or not.
  28. Daenerys certainly seems enamoured with the Iron Throne. How convenient that amongst all the rubble, this thing is still standing.
  29. As much as I like her outfit, I’m tired of antiheroes always wearing black leather.

    Image result for game of thrones series finale
    Black? For a villain? Groundbreaking.
  30. LOLZ at Daenerys trying to be all casual as she talks about being a little girl who couldn’t count to 20. And Jon just being like, ya anyway why are you killing everyone?
  31. Finally, someone is confronting her!
  32. Though like a true politician, she’s just avoiding the issue and going back to how Cersei left her no choice.
  33. And Jon isn’t really pushing back too much either.
  34. Like have we forgotten what the bells were supposed to do??
  35. Jon’s beard is looking super low budget and gross here.
  36. Anyway.
  37. Daenerys is really off her rocker as she talks about a “good world”.
  38. “You’re my queen, now and always”. WHAT IS THIS HORRENDOUS SCRIPT?!
  39. OMG.
  40. What?!
  41. Damn Jon, you actually did it! Though that was a bit too quick and unceremonious. I would have liked far more arguments and rage over what Daenerys did.

    Image result for game of thrones series finale
    If Nicholas Sparks wrote fantasy romance novels, I imagine this is the book cover he would use.
  42. Oh man, this dragon is not happy. But it’s also weirdly sad to see him so torn up over Daenerys.
  43. How poetic and wise of him to burn down the iron throne.
  44. Hmm… the CGI in this scene is pretty ghetto. I’d have expected better.
  45. Also, I realize I’m talking about a dragon here, but I find it unrealistic that he wouldn’t have just burned Jon alive.
  46. I’m excited to see the fallout from this!!
  47. Damn Tyrion is looking much worse than before. It’s only been a day, why does he suddenly look so awful?
  48. What, and it’s sunny now?? What is happening?
  49. Okay, there’s some kind of meeting with everyone else, and we learn that Jon has been taken prisoner.
  50. That’s a letdown (yet again). I would have liked to see the immediate reactions to Jon killing Daenerys. I hate all the fast forwarding they’ve done this season.
  51. I would have expected better from Yara than to defend the Daenerys.
  52. I find this all a bit unrealistic – the Unsullied and Dothraki are no stranger to killing people, and they discovered that Jon killed their beloved queen. I don’t buy that they would simply just keep Tyrion and Jon as prisoners and let these rando privileged Westeros families decide their fate. Pretty sure they would have killed both on the spot – especially Grey Worm. Yet another weak plot point in this season.
  53. Oh god, Edmure Tully nominating himself to be king is just all sorts of cringe.
  54. Also who is this Aladdin-looking fellow? (*My academic research has informed me that this is Robyn Arryn from seasons past – and damn what a glow up he has had)
  55. Aw poor Sam, being shot down for his suggestion of democracy. Don’t worry big guy, you’re just ahead of your time.
  56. Ah okay, so we now learn that it’s been a few weeks. That explains Tyrion’s appearance.
  57. How hilarious (and again, unrealistic) that Tyrion, as a prisoner, is able to dictate who the king should be.
  58. Though I don’t understand his weird fixation with stories and how they’re integral to being a good ruler.

    Image result for game of thrones series finale
    Yet another mediocre white man wins
  60. God Tyrion you’ve really become all sorts of stupid this season.
  61. Anddd the Westeros Knights of the Round Table are somehow agreeing to this ridiculous idea.
  62. What a fucking SNAKE move of Sansa to suddenly say that the North wants to be independent, after everyone else has already voted.
  63. Also isn’t it a major conflict of interest to have someone from an independent kingdom rule Westeros? You can’t have it both ways, Starks.
  64. What does Grey Worm mean, it’s not enough?
  65. Really?? Even with a Stark being king, they’re forced to send Jon to the Night’s Watch? Can’t Bran just have Grey Worm killed for being annoying?
  66. Looks like the Dothraki/Unsullied are off to a new place as well.
  67. Wait a minute, so why can’t they just let those guys leave and have Jon stealthily stay behind? What’s the point of having your brother be king if he can’t pull a few strings here and there?
  68. This episode has very quickly spiraled to being boring. Gotta match the rest of the season I guess.
  69. Aw the goodbye scene with the Starks is quite sad.

    Image result for game of thrones series finale
    The end of an era.
  70. Except for when Bran makes his trademark creepy line and tells Jon “You were exactly where you were supposed to be”. God could you imagine having to go to this guy on the regular for king-ly advice? The worst.
  71. Omg Brienne filling in Jaime’s accomplishments is adorable. A classy lady to the end.
  72. This scene with Tyrion fixing the chairs, only to have them messed up again seems silly. The things the writers have chosen to fill screen time with….
  73. Bran is already proving to be an annoying ruler, popping into the meeting for 4 seconds only to bow out to search for the dragon…
  74. And poor Podrick, relegated to wheeling him around!
  75. It’s cute having the gang back together and bickering again (and I love seeing the return of sexy Bronn) — but it’s pretty unnecessary. Irreverent scenes are great when you’ve fleshed out all the storylines, but that definitely hasn’t been the case this season. So much screen time wasted with random filler scenes, which could have been far better spent actually explaining things and moving the story at a decent pace.
  76. This end bit with the overlapping shots of the Starks is quite beautifully done, I’ll give them that (and I love that the producers had the good sense to not include Bran, knowing that no one cares about him).
  77. Though I don’t really understand the purpose of the Night’s Watch at this stage. Is Jon just gonna hang with wildlings, Tormund and Ghost every day? (Actually, that’s not such a bad deal).
  78. I also hate that Sansa won the most out of everyone. I never really warmed to her.
  79. God this MUSIC. Chills, seriously. Easily the best part of this episode/season.
  80. What a disappointing ending. SO MANY LOOSE ENDS!!!! What was the need for that white horse last episode? Why did Varys take off his rings? Why did we suffer through that dreadfully boring plot with Arya learning to change faces? And most importantly, why did they bother redoing the opening credits this season?
  81. The only upside to this overly simplistic ending is I never QUITE understood the more intricate and detailed storylines (ie, the children of the forest, the night king’s origins, exactly how Bran became the three-eyed raven, the random prophecies). So in a way I’m kind of glad I didn’t waste valuable mental energy trying to understand concepts that ultimately had no relevance.
  82. But still. Why include them at all?
  83. My final thoughts on this finale/season are best summed up below:Image result for game of thrones who has a better story

Image result for better story than bran

Image result for better story than bran

I suppose 7 out of 8 good seasons isn’t bad. And with that, we leave Westeros with epic music and an unsatisfying ending. Can’t win em all.

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