Game of Thrones: S8E3 Reactions

  1. Alrighty, Battle of Winterfell, let’s make this fight nice and quick and go back to real humans fighting for the Iron Throne. I’ve had enough of these White Walkers. I also steadfastly believe that this episode won’t be as much of a bloodbath as has been predicted. I think they will be more original with this one.
  2. Oh jeez, Sam looks terrified. I mean, I can’t blame him, but at least try to be cool about it. Even little Lyanna in the background is all take-charge and fierce, pull it together Sam!
  3. I’m getting cold just watching this.
  4. There go those dragons. A bit sad with only two of them, isn’t it?
  5. This music is super suspenseful I must say. I normally don’t care for battle scenes but even I’m getting goosebumps now.

    Image result for game of throne s8e3 stills
    Everything the light touches is our kingdom. Wait, wrong reference.
  6. Also is it just me or is everything a tad…dark? Hmm maybe I’ll turn off one set of lights.
  7. That did not help at all. Maybe all the lights then.
  8. That’s …. a smidge better. Oh well, it’ll do.
  9. Ooh, who’s this lone figure on the horse? Pretty gutsy to just saunter down in the middle of all this.
  10. The Red Woman! I’d forgotten all about her. Wonder where she’s been.
  11. OOO fire!! That domino effect of fiery swords is pretty stunning.
  12. And off the Dothraki go. I wonder how they got stuck being the first line of defence. You’d think Daenerys would have looked out for them a bit better.
  13. Watching all those torches burn out is pretty…. depressing.
  14. Jaime and Brienne fighting is very nerve-wracking I must say. I am very invested in both of their survival.
  15. Yasss Daenerys with the dragon fire!!!
  16. It is adorable that Sansa first says she isn’t abandoning her people to go to the crypt, and then immediately thereafter says she doesn’t know how to use a knife. Sigh. I know people are warming to her now, but I just haven’t quite gotten there.
  17. Aww, as if Sam is saved by his friend, only for the friend to be killed two seconds later.
  18. This crypt is really not much of a party. I wonder how Varys feels about being there with the women and children.
  19. More running and fighting. Zzzz. Time for a snack.
  20. It would’ve been pretty sweet to be a writer for this particular episode. All that money for writing a total of seven words.
  21. Okay Melisandre, time for you to work your magic.
  22. Erm… any time now.
  23. …Whenever you’re ready….
  24. Oh thank goodness.
  25. That fire scene is quite gorgeous. And more importantly, I can briefly catch a glimpse of what’s happening on screen.
  26. Though this does make me wonder how much more help Melisandre could have offered earlier on, before it all got to this point.
  27. Back down in the crypt.
  28. “Without the dragon queen, there’d be no problem at all. We’d all be dead already”. Interesting time for Missandei’s sassy side to come out. Though you have to admire her unwavering loyalty to Daenerys. I do wonder what she secretly thinks of Daenerys — is she really that blind to her faults?
  29. Aw this scene with Theon and Bran is sweet.
  30. “I’m going to go now”. “Go where?”. Theon is much more polite and restrained in his response than I would have been. How no one has slapped Bran upside the head for all his weird remarks is beyond me.
  31. More fighting. Snack time.
  32. The scenes with Arya fighting are wonderful to watch. Such agility! That weirdo guy who trained her would be proud.
  33. The Hound is choosing an incredibly inopportune moment to have an existential crisis.
  34. Ahhh Lyanna!!! Sigh, going out like the legend she always was.
  35. The scene with the two dragons flying above the clouds with the moon is gorgeous. If this were the 90s, that would definitely be my computer background when I was going for a ~mystical~ vibe.
    Image result for game of throne s8e3 moon clouds
    I would probably also have a mysterious ICQ screen name to go with this sweet background
  36. Arya in the library is giving me chills.
  37. Stupid blood drops!
  38. Yess, you show em! And the Hound is back in action! Horrible end with Beric, though I suppose it was long past his time. He had a good run.
  39. “What do we say to the god of death?” That line has really stood the test of time.
  40.  Daenerys staring down the Night King and using her Dracarys line feels way too neat and tidy. Anddd… yep. Not a scratch on him.
  41. Oh god his smile is so creepy. Forever seared into my memory now.
  42. Jon Snow and the Night King. Dun Dun Dun.
  43. Oh dear, he’s doing his creepy “Rise” hand gesture again. Something tells me Jon can’t outrun all these people. Good effort though.
  44. More fighting.
  45. Shit, Theon did not allocate himself the right number of arrows.
  46. The wights bursting into the crypt is the stuff of nightmares. Must they make the screams so damn realistic? That screeching will stay with me for a while.
  47. Why is Sansa pulling out that knife? She’s not going to off herself is she??
  48. This piano music is STUNNING. Note to self: listen to the soundtrack later.
  49. Noooo Jorah!!!! Get up!!!!
  50. Theon put up one incredible fight all on his own.
  51. Oh Bran, nice of you to rejoin us now that you’re done being a bird -_-
  52. Theon and the Night King staring at each other just gave me chills.
  53. “You’re a good man. Thank you”. Weird, my vision’s gone all blurry all of a sudden. Definitely not tears. RIP Theon.
  54. I am normally all for a nice sharp script. But the combination of music and the Night King walking towards Bran in silence is incredible.
  55. Arya!!!!!!
  56. AAHHHHH.
  59. Oh my god. That was amazing.
  60. Aww Daenerys is so sad about Jorah. I feel like we haven’t seen a reaction this genuine from her since Khal Drogo.
  61. Melisandre’s watch has now come to an end. But what a way to go.
  62. What a fabulous display of girl power in this episode. Me likey.
Image result for game of throne s8e3 stills
Yasss kween

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