Game of Thrones: S8E2 Reactions

In preparation for episode 3 tonight, I thought I’d refresh my memory on last week’s events. For your reading pleasure, I have reproduced my sharp, eagle-eyed observations below.

  1. Oh damn, this episode is not wasting any time – getting right into Daenerys scolding Jaime. I wonder if he’s regretting his decision to leave King’s Landing right about now.
  2. And I mean, Daenerys is right to be less than hospitable towards him right now.
  3. “I see one man, with one hand” — ouch.
  4. Ugh Danerys is just not having any of it today, criticising Tyrion now too.
  5. “The things we do for love” – who would have thought that Bran was capable of a witty one liner?
  6. Bran is so creepy. Which I feel like could be the summary of every episode in the past 4 seasons.
  7. Awww Brienne stepping in!! I’m so torn between wanting her to end up with Jaime and Tormund. Sigh, the true debacle of this show if you ask me.
  8. Oh Gendry. He is definitely that blue-collar boy next door in every romantic comedy who works on his dad’s farm and is inexplicably ripped.
  9. Love Arya’s sass at Gendry describing the White Walkers as “really bad” – “even a smith’s apprentice can do better”
  10. Oh dear, Jaime and Bran in the Godswood. Bracing myself for all the cringe. Fabulous scenery though.
  11. “What about afterwards?” “How do you know there will be an afterwards?” Jesus Bran, either be helpful or keep your grim comments to yourself.
  12. Typical, two men discussing battle and Jaime’s attention is just focused on a woman.
  13. Gotta say, it’s pretty big of Jorah to defend Tyrion.
  14. A private conversation with Daenerys and Sansa? *Busts out the popcorn*
  15. “Families are complicated” — ohh,  maybe we’re getting somewhere! A new girl gang perhaps?? Maybe after all this White Walker nonsense, these two will get manis together at the local Westeros Nail and Spa.
  16. “Someone taller” — amazing.
  17. “What about the North?” Ah, well. That friendship was nice while it lasted. Back to frosty frenemies.

    Image result for got season 8 episode 2
    Every girl on the planet can relate to this dynamic
  18. Is Gilly pregnant? Or perhaps the actress is.
  19. I am here for the bromance between Jon, Tormund and the Night’s Watch.
  20. They only have until sunup?? That’s much quicker than I expected. I assumed the the battle would be the last episode . As someone who is quickly bored of battle scenes, I’m hoping they will just wrap up the little fight in episode 3 and we can get back to the business of humans fighting for the iron throne. This White Walkers storyline has bored me.
  21. “His mark is on me, he always knows where I am”. I mean, Bran, that would have been helpful information to pass on a little bit earlier.
  22. Pretty big of Theon to offer to babysit Bran.
  23. “We’re all going to die, but at least we’ll die together” — nudge nudge, wink wink Brienne. I love Tormund.
  24. I love that without it being spelled out, Missandei and Grey Worm are clearly the only black people that the folks of Winterfell have ever seen. The Westeros version of racist hicks.
  25. Gotta love that in recounting all of his accomplishments, Sam included stealing books from the citadel in the same sentence as killing a White Walker.
  26. “Samwell Tarly, slayer of White Walkers, lover of ladies. As if we need any more signs the world was ending”. The writers are on fire with this episode.
  27. What a fun cozy fireside chat with the men and Brienne.
  28. Tormund would have his own flask and explain why he’s called Giantsbane. Tormund is definitely *that guy* at a frat party.
  29. Davos: “Maybe I will have that drink.” Can’t blame him.
  30. Arya and Gendry, aw how sweet, we can have a nice little final chat between friends.
  31. Typical girl– he explains he was tied up, had slugs suck his blood and that he’s Baratheon’s bastard. And all she wants to know is how many women he’s been with.
  32. “I didn’t keep count”. “Yes you did”. Arya truly knows men.
  33. Wait… wha… what is going on?!
  34. Arya nooo, you’re 12!! Ahhh. My eyes!!!
  35. Well that was deeply uncomfortable. I am expecting the good folks of To Catch a Predator at my door any moment now.
  36. Back to the fireside chat.
  37. Brienne pretending she didn’t want to be a knight is reminiscent of that girl who says she doesn’t even want to be married after being with her deadbeat boyfriend for 7 years.
  38. It’s adorable that Brienne is being knighted, it really is. But I am finding this scene a little too overwrought.
  39. Aww that look on her face though.
  40. I’m not crying, you’re crying.
  41. “Does anyone know any songs?”. Oh god. Please please don’t tell me we’re going to do that thing where someone sings a solemn Celtic-style song, with the camera panning to various somber scenes of people prepping for battle.
  42. Yup that’s exactly what we’re doing. Shame, Game of Throne, shame. I expected less cheese.
  43. Sansa and Theon?? What? That’s just weird.
  44. Jon wouldn’t possibly choose to tell Daenerys NOW about his real parents, would he? I mean, Jon has been hella stupid since season 1, but surely he has learned by now.
  45. Nope. He has not.
  46. Perfect timing Jon, get the scary Dragon Lady pissed off with you right before the battle of your life. I can’t. I just can’t.
  47. Image result for got season 8 episode 2
    You truly know nothing Jon Snow
  48. Hmmm interesting, why did Jon say Bran told him?
  49. Daenerys seems a tad focused on the wrong thing right now. I would personally be more upset that I’d been hooking up with my nephew, but hey that’s just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  50. Well there goes the horn. These White Walkers sure are speedy in their quest to wipe out the population.
  51. Well that was a lovely episode overall. Much lightheartedness and jokes. I am certain that the rest of the season will continue in the same fashion 🙂

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